Autorefractor especially for children

For examination of refraction of a child's eye we use 2nd generation Binocular Autorefractor "plusoptiX A09". It is especially designed for pre-verbal infants (6 months and older) as well as non-cooperative patients. This includes patients with developmental delay, autism, traumatic brain injury and restricted mobility. The modern device allows contactless measurement of refraction simultaneously of both eyes.

The examination is carried out in seconds, absolutely harmless and painless, one meter away from the patient.

The device is used to detect nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Measurements can be performed in un-dilated as well as dilated pupils.

Measurement results include:

  • refraction in sphere, cylinder and axis for OD and OS
  • pupil sizes for OD and OS
  • inter pupillary distancecorneal reflexes, i.e. a gaze symmetry evaluation with "0" indicating symmetric eye alignment.